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About Tales of Nosgoth


This website has been created in memory of the computer game that was being developed by Square Enix and Psyonix.

There was always a lot of passion from the dedicated fans throughout the games development, this love continues to this day, and the fans, the members of the Nosgoth Community, did not want the game and its lore to fade to nothingness once all official resources were set to be closed on 1-14 June 2016.

This website has been created from information gathered by the fans of the game, and it is with my heart I wish to thank them for sharing to create this legacy!

Please see the Contributors page for a comprehensive list of those involved.

All Nosgoth and its contents, including the official concept art, screenshots, videos, text, game content, Steam content and game concept shared on this site are copyright of Square Enix and Psyonix.

Facebook Group


If you would like to see more content, socialise with players and people who appreciate this great game then please come along and join the Tales of Nosgoth Facebook Group. There you can share screenshots, game videos, fan artwork, your thoughts and well anything relating to the world of Nosgoth (and yes that does include Legacy of Kain stuff too!).

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