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Gold and Runestones


There were two monetary systems in Nosgoth, they were Gold and Runestones.


Gold was an in-game currency that could be earned by playing the game, at the end of every match the player would receive a Gold reward, if the match was won or lost would depend on how much Gold the player would receive. Gold could also be won on the Daily Reward System and also from Chests. Gold could be used to purchase all standard weapons and abilities, either for hire or for permanent use; this though was at a higher price than the Runestone purchase value. There was also one set of Skins available for purchase with Gold, these were known as the Adept Skins.


Runestones was an in-game currency which had a real world monetary value; Runestones could be purchased in-game through the store or via the Nosgoth website. Runestones could also be won in Chests, taking part in League and ESL or on the Daily Challenge System. Runestones could be used to purchase anything in game, such as all abilities and weapons for hire or for permanent use; this was at a lower price than the Gold option. Items also available for purchase with Runestones were Classes, Boosters, Talents and all the aesthetic items available in the game such as Skins, Special Weapons and Forge materials.


The game system was designed not to be Pay to Win, all items that changed the gameplay were purchasable via both the payment options. The only items that were exclusive to Runestone purchases were aesthetic items and therefore would not give a player an advantage. It was down to the player if they would rather ‘grind’ to earn Gold from playing matches or purchase Runestones for a quicker result.

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