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Clan Details

Class Name: Tyrant

Clan Name: Clan Turelim

Clan Patriach: Turel

Race: Vampire


Tyrant – Clan Turelim

Official Nosgoth website description

The Tyrants are the frontline shock troops of the Vampire legions, dedicating each victory to the glory of Clan Turelim. Tyrants see themselves as 'true' warriors and despise those who cannot compete with them on the battlefield. Their fighting style is heavy-handed and punishing, soaking up damage as they smash a straight line to their prey.

Role & Play Style

Battlefield Role

Breaking enemies defensive line

Group disruption

Damage dealing


Play Style

Group Fighter

Damage Dealer

Official Nosgoth Blog Article

Tyrants – Disputed Heirs to the Throne


The below text was published on the Official Nosgoth Blog:



AUTHOR: George Kelion, Square Enix


Turelim revel in the epithet of “Tyrant”– to them, ruling oppressively through force and fear is perfectly natural and they take pride in doing so.

As one of the most dutiful of all the Clans, the Turelim had their territory chosen as the perfect site for constructing the first smokestacks. These huge volcanic furnaces were erected to block out the sun and allowed the Vampires to shield their fledglings from its poisonous effects.


Fledglings, over time, change in their physical appearance as the dark gift overtakes them completely, slowly shedding the vestiges of their Human skin to become distinctively Vampiric. This evolution would one day become monstrous devolution with the corruption in Kain’s soul having been passed on to all his progeny, but for now the effects were more benign. Even fledgling Turelim subconsciously use their latent telekinetic powers to augment their already impressive physiques, making them capable of truly inhuman feats of speed and strength.


Their patriarch Turel, second raised of Kain’s Lieutenants, felt himself to be the most important member of Nosgoth’s ruling Vampire Council following the heretic Raziel’s execution. Little wonder then when Kain vanished, Turel considered himself the rightful heir to the throne. He’d soon find his Council brethren would not be so quick to agree.


Tyrants are only too eager to honour their Lieutenant-patriarch’s orders, particularly if it involves doing battle. After Kain’s disappearance, Turel’s was the loudest voice calling for the execution of the Razielim, and the Tyrants saw it as their sacred duty to carry out this purge.


Turel believed that, as Kain’s natural successor, he had the right to decide how the spoils of the war against the Razielim would be divided. When the other Lieutenants had the temerity to challenge this, Turel considered it an unforgiveable offence. Soon the Tyrants were spearheading attacks against every Clan who dared challenge Turel’s claim to leadership of the Council.


While other Clans called them arrogant, for the Turelim it was innate pride, being especially proud of their role in building this era of Vampire domination. When the true extent of the Human threat became apparent, the Tyrants readily called a truce with the other Clans, including the remnants of the Razielim, and took their renowned place in the vanguard of the Vampire legions.


Now, entirely focused on their ancient enemy, a new generation of Humanity will tremble at the might of Clan Turelim.

Tyrant Quotes


Lines said by the Tyrant class during matches.

Credit goes to Khalith for providing these quotes, originally posted on the official Nosgoth forum.



"This will be my battle."

"Meet a true warrior!"

"This town will be our's."

"They will meet a true warrior."

"Bring death to our enemies."

"You want war? You've got war!"



"You died for nothing."

"Your death was meaningless."

"You died a warrior's death."

"You were not a true warrior."



"For Nosgoth."

"Feed the soil of Nosgoth!"



"Wipe them from this place!"

"I am a deathbringer!"


"You were warned!"

"I am a true warrior!"


Team winning



Team losing

"Don't let these bloodsacks win this!"



"I take what's mine."

"I take strength from the weak."

"Strength from the weak!"


Tyrant - Item, Skin & Weapon Descriptions



Tyrant's Armor: Protective gear issued to the proud warriors of the Turelim.

Gilded Colossus: Exquisite golden armour forged from the spoils of war.

Turelim Platemail: Centuries-old armour in the traditional style of Clan Turelim.

Gladiator's Aegis: Armor won by champion fighters in the Turelim's gladiator pits.

Armor of the Imperial Guard: Armor forged for Turelim recruits to Kain's personal guard.

Forgemaster's Mail: Armor hand-crafted by the elite smiths of the Crucible for their own use.

Marked Turelim: Exposure to otherworldly power has left this vampire branded in peculiar ways.

Conqueror: He has fought a hundred battles and emerged victorious, branded by destiny.

Warlord: The true lord of battles strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies.

Executioner: Punisher of traitors, bane of the weak.

Evolved Turelim: Take on the appearance of a fully evolved vampire of Clan Turelim.

Marked Evolved Turelim: Not even fully evolved vampires are immune to the mark of the otherworldly power.


Special ability

Charge: Run headlong at enemies, knocking down any you collide with.

Marathon: A longer Charge attack that cannot be used ad often.

Jump Attack: Leap high into the air, then slam down and damage any nearby enemies.


Unique special ability

Thunderous Approach: Masters of Clan Turelim enhance their combat abilities with latent telekinetic powers. Paired with eldritch relics, a charging Turelim can move shockingly fast. (Lightning VFX)

Fire Hammer: Quick-thinking Tyrants delight in falling on their enemies from above like a blazing meteor. (Flame VFX)


Primary ability

Ground Slam: Stun and damage all nearby enemies with a powerful smash.

Shockwave: Fracture the earth with your fist, sending a tremor in a line towards enemies that will knock them from their feet.

Throw: Grab a human and hurl them forwards through the air.


Secondary ability

Ignore Pain: Temporarily harden your skin to reduce the damage you take. While active, you will be unable to attack.

Enrage: Enter a rage state that increases your damage and movement speed as your health decreases.



Long Stride: Increases your movement speed by 5% and your climbing speed by 20%.

Bloodthirst: Increases your regen speed by 20% and your Execute health by 20%.

Brute: Increases your melee damage by 5%.

Crowd Control: Each enemy hit by your Special Attacks (Charge, Marathon, Jump) reduces your cooldowns by 2 seconds.

Turel's Wisdom: Reduces your ability cooldown by 10%.

Victory Rush: Instantly heal 15% of your life when you kill an enemy.



Head Slam: Smash your victim's skull upon the ground, then feast on their blood.

Curbstomp: Crush your victim's skull with a powerful stomp, then feed.




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