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Player Videos

The below videos are by various individuals, each video or series of videos has the creators name listed above it (including a link to their channel). All pieces are property of the creator using footage taken from Nosgoth which is copyright of Square Enix and Psyonix. The videos that are shared here are done so with the creator’s consent.


If you would like your Nosgoth videos featured on this site please share it on the Tales of Nosgoth Facebook Group, stating you would like your piece added to the site and include the name you would like displayed with it.

Videos by killing_random
Videos by SamuraiMotoko
Videos by DeShelly
Videos by J Mynce

You can view more of J Mynce's Nosgoth videos on Youtube!

Videos by Captain3009
Videos by Teatowels

You can view more of Teatowls Nosgoth videos on Youtube!

Videos by Sikboy1029
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