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Clan Details

Class Name: Unknown

Clan Name: Clan Rahabim

Clan Patriach: Rahab

Race: Vampire

The Mysterious Rahabim


The Rahabim class was the sixth planned vampire class to come to Nosgoth, it was either speculated just before or just after release but sadly the game was cancelled before then. Sadly not much information is known about the class, but it was being worked on by the developers. There were several articles on game sites which revealed some information about the proposed class as well as a couple of artworks shared on the official forums.

Below are links to the articles:

Psyonix on Nosgoth: Beastmaster - Game Reactor article

Developer Interview - MMO Games article

Nosgoth: Interview with a Game Dev - Dread Central article



Official Nosgoth Forum Post

Hello everyone. I'm happy to say that I come bearing a small bit of good news during these dark times. We are indeed able to publish the Rahabim concept art. 

Before I do so however, I would like to jog your memories about this: 

Originally Posted by Oghamsmith  

Morning everyone, 

The website will most likely be taken offline alongside the forum, yes. 

Regarding the Rahab concept art. It being unfinished is problematic. We may not necessarily have released the class looking like the current concept art whatsoever. This isn't a case of a few points of detail needing to be adjusted. It's possible that a major rework of the entire aesthetic could have happened before release. The notion that everyone's memory of this long-awaited class would be of an aesthetic that may upset quite a lot of people, and may not have even seen the light of day; is one that sits uneasy with us.

We're still not 100% comfortable about releasing this, however given the desire within the community for some closure on the topic, we are happy to at least provide a small bit of support to those looking for this. 

So, without further ado; here is the Rahabim concept art. 

We hope that the concept at least helps, and that maybe some of you enjoy them. 

Thanks guys & gals. 

Rahabim - Official released character artwork and concept

Unreleased Rahabim Content

Be sure to check out the Unreleased Content page on our site for some images that have been leaked of the unreleased Rahabim skins.

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