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Nosgoth Card Game

Created by Emanuele D'Angelo

After the closure of Nosgoth fans tried to find ways to fill the void the game left within them. One such fan spent his time making a quality card game based on Nosgoth, which features the characters, abilities and skills from the game. He finished this project at the end of 2018 and it was shared in the Tales of Nosgoth Facebook Group, and with his blessing below is a link to the game files including the rules, cards and backdrop. All these files are free for you to download, so you can fill your heart with all things Nosgoth.

Please follow this link to our GoogleDrive where you can download the files for the card game.

The card images are for international A4 paper and cards are size 5x8cm so you should be able to download and print them.

For Nosgoth!

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