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Faction Details


Class Name: Scout

Faction Full Name: Watchers of Dark Eden

Faction Founder/Leader: Andris

Race: Human

Scout – The Watchers

Official Nosgoth website description

Professional and pitiless, Scouts were among the first of a new generation of Humans to take up arms against Nosgoth's Vampires. Armed with a precision bow, they are well used to hit-and-run tactics. Scouts swear loyalty to the Watchers, assassins skilled in picking off their enemies from the many hidden vantage points in the mountains of Dark Eden.

Role & Play Style


Battlefield Role
Long range engagement
Precision takedown of exposed targets
Area denial

Play Style
Mobile Sniper
Group Fighter

Official Nosgoth Blog Article

Scouts – Messengers, Wardens and Warriors


AUTHOR: George Kelion, Square Enix


From the mountains of the north, the Watchers have maintained a link between Human communities in the northern mountains near the territory that has come to be known as Dark Eden. Once a region twisted by corrosive energies, the events surrounding the Pillars of Nosgoth’s collapse rendered it inhabitable by mortals once more, an act of irony that would no doubt have brought a wry smile to Kain’s face.

In the centuries that followed, certain brave remnants of Humanity fled to the infamous region, desperate to find refuge from the Vampiric onslaught of Kain’s legions. They discovered that more mature Vampires were less inclined to pursue them in its rocky passes, eventually coming to realise that Dark Eden was now a designated hunting ground for newly risen Vampire fledglings, with Humans being their carefully cultivated prey. Despite their many losses, Humanity began to raise new generations, permitted by their Vampire overlords if only so as to provide them with sport. The name Dark Eden remained gruesomely appropriate, with the Humans who called it home growing more cold-hearted with each mortal life cut short.


Born and raised under such inhospitable conditions, the Humans of Dark Eden became some of the most shrewd and opportunistic that Nosgoth had ever seen, these skills being a necessary part of their day-to-day survival. They set up hidden camps high in the surrounding mountains, quick to erect and disassemble, affording them early warning of a Vampire raid. Armed with longbows well suited to picking off Vampire assailants from a distance, the men and women who manned these posts became known as the Watchers. Famed for their keen eyes and steady hands, the Watchers memorised every hidden nook and cranny giving them any advantage, however slight, over their hated enemy.


Honing their skills across each passing generation, the Watchers became a link between the Human communities in the northern mountains, eventually establishing lines of communication with settlements belonging to the Ironguard, far from the central Vampire cities. Watchers became renowned as much for being messengers and path-finders as for being warriors – the first to reopen paths after the heaviest snows had fallen or to smuggle scarce supplies to those in need. This is not to say their reputation was entirely benign. As the sole source of news for Humanity’s scattered communities, they were also seen as harbingers of woe, appearing as if out of nowhere only to warn of an impending Vampire raid seeking their destruction; or worse still, slaves for the construction of smoke stacks to blot out the sun.


After some time, stories about the Watchers of Dark Eden came to inspire related factions elsewhere in the hinterlands, from the secretive Assassins of the eastern lakes to the resilient Desert Stalkers of the far south, their members swearing loyalty to the Watchers as the originators of their creed.


When winged Vampires were first spotted exploring the upper mountain peaks of Dark Eden, the Watchers’ first thought was that Kain had devised some new and terrible way to terrorise them. It was not until they saw these desperate-looking creatures being attacked by other Vampires that the Watchers realised conflict had befallen the Clans and sent word to the Ironguard. It was clear that the winged Vampires were coming from the direction of Razielim territory to the south, pursued indiscriminately by the other Clans.


With the Vampires seemingly more interested in hunting their own kind, the Watchers seized the initiative and sent a force of elite Scouts westwards, over the mountains to spy on what was once Coorhagen for fresh intelligence. What they discovered was a city turned into a farm for human blood, with pens designed for the breeding and rearing of newborns, overlooked by a gigantic statue of Kain himself. Surprised to find only a scant few Dumahim and Melchahim on guard, the greater number of forces apparently engaged elsewhere, the Scouts marshalled their strength and mounted a daring raid. Taking the Vampires by complete surprise, the Scouts liberated scores of Humans, all whom had spent the entirety of what passed for their lives in captivity.


Delivering many of these former captives to the disciplinarian care of the Ironguard, the Watchers knew that the time had come to raise an army and turn the tables on their Vampire masters. Hunters and Scouts joined forces and headed south, away from the eye of the Vampire civil war, recapturing first Provance and then Freeport. It was here that they first met with the mysterious Alchemists, growing their confidence and swelling their ranks.


Now the Scouts have set their sights on a once unimaginable goal – the return of Nosgoth to Human rule and the total annihilation of the Vampire race, once and for all.


While Dumah was only too willing to join in the extermination of the Razileim, eager to seize their lands and resources for his own, he reacted with furious violence when Turel moved to control the division of the spoils. Dumah challenged Turel’s dominance directly, seeing this not only as opportunity to fulfil his ambitions, but also as the chance to prove once and for all which Clan boasted the superior soldiers. Reaver fell upon Tyrant, and Tyrant upon Reaver, all at the behest of their Lieutenant-patriarchs.


Once the Human insurrection began, however, with the Razielim bringing news of the initial Vampire losses to the attention of the Reavers, Dumah was shrewd enough to understand the need for the Razielim’s unique abilities and used his immense personal strength to bring about a truce amongst the warring Clans.


With a common enemy before them and old allegiances renewed, Clan Dumahim now fights side-by-side with their brethren, ready to prove their talents on the battlefield and be the first to claim Human blood.

Scout Quotes

Lines said by the Scout class during matches.

Credit goes to Khalith for providing these quotes, originally posted on the official Nosgoth forum.



"Forward with courage."

"Death will follow me."

"For the honor of the watchers."

"No going back now."

"Just don't let me die as food."

"Kain is gone, Nosgoth for the humans."



"Dead vampire."

"Die bloodsucker!"

"Never got close."

"Whose next?"

"Tell Kain I sent you!"

"I finished that vampire!"

"Whose superior now?"

"One less bastard."



"I'm gonna kill every last one of you!"

"Any more of you bastards wanna die!?"

"Making vampires an endangered species!"





"I need a volley!"



"That's set."

"Kill a vampire for me."

"Trap down."


Team hits 27

"We're gonna win!"

"Push push!"


"Making Vampires an endangered species!!!"

"Kill them from the shadows, kill them in plain sight."

"Come out where I can see you, leeches."

Scout - Item, Skin & Weapon Descriptions


Scout's Armor: Standard armor of the Watchers of Dark Eden.
Armor of the Watch: Protective armor worn by the veterans of the Watch.
Marksman's Regalia: Ornate armor passed down to the most skilled of archers.
Blight Stalker's Garb: Armor worn by the resilient bowmen of the blighted lands.
Assassin's Shroud: Concealing vestments used by the assassins of the northern mountains.
Shroud of Lost Souls: Distinctive armor worn by the secretive assassins of the eastern lakes.
Exalted Watcher: Champions defending the future of Humanity from the Vampire scourge.
Auric Watcher: The Matriarch of the Islands has shared her blessing with the warriors of humanity: the courage burning in their souls now shines in their eyes.
Elite Watcher: Take on the appearance of the finest archers of the Watchers.

Compound Bow: A powerful accurate bow that can be fired multiple times without reloading. It can be drawn back fully to dramatically increase its damage.
War Bow: A mighty bow that can know down enemies when fully drawn, but is slower to draw and deals less damage.
Swiftbow: A smaller bow that can be drawn more quickly, but deals less damage.
Stormbow: A modified bow that shoots explosive arrows that detonate shortly after impact.

Unique Weapons
Thorn of Eden: The Watchers of Dark Eden have long prized this powerful bow, ornate yet weighty, for its unerring accuracy.
Thunder's Call: Carried by the fleet-footed skirmishers of the famous Wolf's Head cadre, this bow has been customized for operation behind enemy lines.
Immortal Speed: Forged for heroic Scouts famous for subjecting their enemies to a constant barrage of attacks of every kind.

Primary ability
Throw Knives: Hurl knives to wound and slow advancing vampires.
Camouflage: Cloak yourself to become nearly invisible. Firing or using abilities will reveal you.
Mark Target: Fire a special tracer shot that can tag vampires, increasing the damage they take from all players and making them visible to your team for a short time.

Secondary ability
Volley: Hurl a flare device that calls down a rain of arrows from distant archers.
Turret: Deploy a device that blankets the area around with rapid fire.
Grappling Hook: Fire an ingenious device that lets you attach to special points and scale up walls quickly.
Trap: Place a deadly shrapnel trap that explodes when vampires walk over it.

Unique Secondary ability
Grapple: The fight to overthrow the despotic rule of Kain is the most noble of just causes.

Stocked Quiver: Increase clip size by 10% and maximum ammo capacity by 10% for longbows.
Watcher's Vigil: Increase maximum health by 10% and reduces stun duration by 15%.
Pursuit: Increases movement speed by 10% and sprint speed by 20%.
Nimble Fingers: Reduces your draw time with bows by 20% and reduces your reload time by 10%.
Deadeye: Increase accuracy with bows by 20% and reduces recoil by 20%.
Barbed Tools: Volley, Trap, and Turret apply a bleed effect that cause 80 damage over 2 seconds.

Thumbs Down

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