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Legacy of Kain Dead Sun Comparison

In the production of Nosgoth it was known that the game was originally going to be released alongside Dead Sun, and that some of the assets from this previously cancelled game were used in the creation of Nosgoth.


Special thanks to Andrew Nosgothian who watched the Dead Sun video that was leaked and picked out some findings of things that also featured in our beloved Nosgoth. He shared his findings with me and this then sparked me to re-watch the video and also add some similarities to the list.

Leaked video of Legacy of Kain Dead Sun

Legacy of Kain Dead Sun and Nosgoth Comparison points


Though some things are not exactly the same it was interesting to see the comparison and what things were used and what may have inspired Nosgoth's game developers.


Here are our findings from the video:


0:42 – “combat arenas” – could this have been Nosgoth?


0:55 – loading symbol in bottom right similar to early Nosgoth


1:11 – Chimney and flags from Valeholm


1:24 – Dead peoples clothing similar to those of the original Nosgoth Human classes


2:12 – Woman wearing a mask similar to Alchemist Chemical Harness skin


2:18 – Hunter's crossbow


2:58 – Ferns used throughout Nosgoth


3:19 – Male vampire hunter’s clothing similar to that of the Hunter


3:23 – Male vampire hunter’s voice very similar (if not the same) to Hunter


5:25 – Climbing/crawling movements similar to Reaver


6:26 – Eclipsed sun as in Nosgoth’s earlier skyline


6:26 – Structure to left in the distance similar to that seen in Freeport


6:38 – Crane from Freeport


7:52 – Wooden walkways similar to Nosgoth


8:13 – Fish for sale at vendor, similar to those in Freeport


8:21 – Stairs structure/design the same as those in Valeholm


9:07 – Wooden barrier/gate that looks similar to the one at the back of Freeport


9:34 – Woman vampire hunter’s neck guard is similar to Alchemist Chemical Harness skin


10:03 – Combat similar to Reavers attack moves


10:09 – Human wearing a mask like the Hunter's default outfit and an arm guard which looks similar to the Deceiver Robes of the Manipulator skin


11:07 – Axemen similar to the clothing for Vanguard


14:26 – Drain covers like that in Valeholm, though bigger in Dead Sun


15:43 – Three building designs like those in Freeport/Valeholm


16:16 – Ivy seen in Nosgoth


16:28 – Crates from Freeport


16:51 – Crate like that in Provance


16:58 – Corpses tied to a stake, the same as the corpses in numerous Nosgoth maps


18:12 – Tunnel shack and stone flooring like the upper unplayable area of Provance (where the dead cow creatures are)


18:44 – Wooden shacks look similar to the ones in Freeport


19:05 – Image on side of wooden shack is similar to the paintings in Valeholm


19:08 – Similar attack moves to the Sentinel’s Puncture ability


19:19 – A vampire hunter like Vanguard with Hunter's mask & a smaller shield


22:02 – Trees similar to those in Valeholm


23:00 – Structures similar to those throughout Nosgoth, especially Freeport


24:38 – Structure of buildings like the edge of Valeholm


25:01 – Freeport archways


25:38 – Flooring


25:39 – Image on side of the wall like the paintings in Valeholm

Legacy of Kain Dead Sun images

Here are some images of Dead Sun that are from various online resources, which show a few things that you may find familiar to Nosgoth.

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