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Loading Screens

In game when the Nosgoth was initially loaded it would display some start-up screens. When a match was about to begin the game would also display loading screens for a few seconds until players began to load into the match to choose their characters and loadouts.


There were several types of loading screens whilst Nosgoth was online:


Initial stat-up screens

When Nosgoth was started up players would see the initital loading screens whuch would display the Nosgoth, Square Enix and Psyonix logos.

Map loading screens

These were original match loading screens, which would display a picture of the map the match was loading into.



There were advertisements for store items such as skins and loadouts which were available for purchase with Runestones, these were displayed during match start-up.


Hints and Tips

Towards the end of Nosgoth a set of advice loadi​ng screens were created using guidance notes from fans, which were collected on a thread created by Oghamsmith on the Official Nosgoth SE Forum. These loading screens were displayed on match start-up.

Generic loading screens

Map loading screens

Advertisement loading screens

Hints and Tips loading screens

Matching loading and syncing screenshoots

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