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Alpha and Beta Keys

Like most games in testing periods players during Closed Alpha and Closed Beta had to receive keys to be able to play. 




During the Alpha of the game players could sign up on the Official website and would be selected to receive a key, once a key was received the player was able to join the fight.


Closed Beta


During Closed Beta there were several ways a player could gain access to the game.


Beta Key – There were Beta keys issued to all Alpha players with additional keys to share with their friends. Keys were also available at game events Nosgoth was attending. Players could continue to sign up via the website in hope they would receive a Beta key.


Game Packs – During Closed Beta you were able to join the game buy purchasing a Founders Pack, in this you would instantly receive access to the game and also receive a number of Beta keys to give to friends, the higher the price of the pack the greater the amount of keys received.


Open Beta


During Open Beta anyone was able to join the fight without requiring a key to the game or a Founders Pack, they could instantly download the game via the Official website or Steam. 

Alpha and Beta Key Images
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