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These were available towards the beginning of Nosgoths lifecycle. They were boosts that could be bought with either Gold or Runestones to increase certain stats on a chosen class, only one Perk could be selected at a time for each class.


Perks were later replaced by Talents, see class description pages for more information on these.


Human Perk descriptions


Vigor - Increases Maximum Health by 5%

Tinkerer - Increases Clip Size by 10% and Ammo Capacity by 20%

Catlike Reflexes - Reduces Fall Damage taken by 20%

Quick Hands - Increases Reload Speed by 15%

Fleet Footed - Increases Sprint Speed by 20%

Deadeye - Reduces Weapon Shot Spread by 20%

Steadiness - Reduces Weapon Recoil by 20%

Quick Wits - Reduces Ability Cooldowns by 15%

Stacking Tenacity - Reduces duration of stuns by 20%

Scavenger - Increases Health Restored by Supply Stations by 100%


Vampire Perk descriptions


Bloody Vitality - Increases Maximum Health by 5%

Feast - Increases Health Restored from executing enemies by 25%

Nimbleness - Increases Wall Climbing Speed by 25%

Bloodlust - Increases Attack and Movement Speeds by 15% for a few seconds after killing an enemy

Berserker - Increases Damage by 20% when below 33% Health

Undying Wisdom - Reduces Ability Cooldowns by 15%

Regeneration - Increases Passive Regen Speed by 20% and reduces the delay before Regen starts by 20%

Frenzy - Increases Melee Attack Speed by 5%

Human Perk icons

Vampire Perk icons

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