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Map details


Map name: The Silenced Cathedral (previously known as The Nest)

Residence: Clan Zephonim

Held by: Vampires

Official Nosgoth Blog Article

New Map Preview : The Nest


AUTHOR: Oghamsmith

In what were to be the dying days of the last flourishing of their civilisation before Kain established his divine empire seemingly for good, a plan of staggering ambition was hatched by the finest architects and artisans that Humankind had to offer. Realising that outright warfare against the Vampires was costing them too dearly, and could perhaps only ever end in defeat, the greatest thinkers conceived of another way to battle the threat. A weapon of unprecedented size and power that would require a building the size of a towering, spiralling cathedral to house it. While this cathedral itself was built atop a sheer mountain cliff top, the critical axillary structures and supporting areas came to be carved out of the cliffs and valleys for miles around. Now, fallen and infested, one such of these places is known as the Nest.

We’ve already shown you a few sneaky screenshots of Nosgoth’s next map, tentatively named “The Nest” (although you may see another one of the considerations during the loading screen ;). In just under 24 hours, we will be going live with Swiftor on to let each and every one of you see what the map currently looks as both Humans and Vampires traversing the field of combat.


It’s important to remember that this is very much a preview of an unfinished version of the map, there is the potential for some elements to change, and there's still quite a bit of performance optimisation to be done.


Tomorrow (Wednesday the 9th of December) to at 7pm GMT/ 11:30am PST where Swiftor will be playing Nosgoth for just over an hour, and taking a look at the new map.


Swiftor may well have some goodies to give away, and we’ll be in chat answering your questions. Save the date! Be sure to swing by and let him know that you’re coming to check out the new map :)


We can't wait to see what you think of map 7 after this early look at it being played (release is still some time away)...and while it's not ready to be put into every player's hands just yet (we still have more work to do on it), we hope that this stream will provide you with a good idea of what to expect. Please, feel free to pour all of your thoughts, opinions and feedback in this thread.

one such of these places is known as the Nest.

Official Nosgoth Blog Article

Silenced Cathedral - A Closer Look


The below text was published on the Official Nosgoth Blog:


AUTHOR: Oghamsmith

Once a bastion of Human hope, the Silenced Cathedral was overrun by the Vampire scourge many moons ago. Now, with the Human uprising gathering momentum, the time is right for the men and women of the Human race to try and lay claim to the work that their forefathers wrought.


Silenced Cathedral. What’s in a name?

Oh so much. There’s a good reason that tales of fay beings who do the bidding of those who wield their true name are commonplace around the globe.


When we first announced the Silenced Cathedral, we were torn between using that oh-so wonderful of names that many followers of the Legacy of Kain series would be familiar with; and using the colloquial name of the specific area within the Silenced Cathedral region, upon which the map is based.


Silenced Cathedral or The Nest, which should it be?


After receiving plenty of enthusiastic feedback from the community on the matter, it was clear that the vast majority of you felt it only right to bestow the name, Silenced Cathedral, upon the map. We’re more than happy to do just that.


Design Philosophy

Let’s take a moment to investigate some of the design philosophy that has gone into bringing the Silenced Cathedral to life.


Creating Claustrophobia

Hewn into the very rock from which the Silenced Cathedral was born; the masons and carpenters made use of what limited space was available during the construction of the cathedral. You’ll notice that the buildings within the settlement squeeze up against one another, as though huddling together for warmth in a desperate attempt to hide away from the chilling darkness imposed upon them by the Vampire infestation.


Many walkways between buildings, as well as those hewn within the walls themselves; are narrow, suffocating, affairs. They restrict vision and force human teams to constantly evaluate the sanity of utilising these swift, but more perilous, paths.


Vertical Warfare

Not only did the craftspeople constructing the cathedral maximise their use of space at ground level, but they also took advantage of cavernous crevices to build upward. Silenced Cathedral has one of the most tightly packed, and widely varied, skylines of any of the battlegrounds we have visited in Nosgoth to date.


This does have its advantages for the Vampires though, as they are provided with a wider array of directions from which they can launch their assaults!


Embracing Darkness

Manifesting itself in both the literal and metaphorical sense; Silenced Cathedral is littered with examples of Vampiric experimentation and torture. A more literal darkness envelopes some of the exterior locations between the buildings, within which smart Vampires can attempt to conceal themselves. Death hides around every corner for the Human party.


The Silenced Cathedral Will Soon Be Yours!

Since the moment we showed off Nosgoth's latest map, we've had a constant stream of questions from you guys asking when you can sink your teeth into it. Well, we're VERY happy to say that we're working on the final release build (of the map) right now, with a view to releasing Silenced Cathedral this week! Keep your eyes glued to are Facebook and Twitter channels over the coming days, as we'll make sure to let you know when the map releases, at both locations.


What do you think of Silenced Cathedral's design philosophy? Are you looking forward to playing mind games with your next meal?


Perhaps you're looking forward to the risk/reward setup as you traverse the map as a human? Choose the longer, safer, routes; or chance your luck taking the swift, but potentially deadly, approach.

The Silenced Cathedral - Official released screenshots
The Silenced Cathedral - Official released artwork and concept
Map aerial views

The Silenced Cathedral - NosCam screenshots on GoogleDrive (various contributors)

The Silenced Cathedral - Official preview video

The Silenced Cathedral - Unofficial map tour videos (lucinvampire)

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