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Daily Challenges


Towards the end of Nosgoth's Open Beta the Daily Challenge Wheel was abolished and a new system was introduced, below is some information taken from the Nosgoth forums about the Daily Challenges.

Official Nosgoth Blog Article

Deep Dive: Daily Challenges


Posted by Psyonix_Ryan 12 Feb 2016


When it was first implemented, the Daily Reward system was meant to bring another level of incentive to play Nosgoth on a day-to-day basis. By logging in each day, players had a chance of winning gold, vouchers, and exclusive character skins. However, we think the Daily Reward system is way too passive of an experience for a game like Nosgoth, and we had a better idea.


With the Daily Challenges system, we are giving fun, new challenges to players to pursue. Each day, players are given new objectives to complete and, once achieved, they will be handsomely rewarded for their efforts.


How it works


Every day, players will be assigned one new challenge to their log which they can complete in any mode except for Tutorial or Private Matches. Up to three challenges can be held at once and they will be assigned even if you don’t log in for a few days.


Challenges range in difficulty, from basic tasks like completing a few games to character and ability-specific tasks. For example, if you have the Deceiver unlocked, you might be tasked with landing 10 Backstabs. Player progress can be tracked on the main menu as well as in-game, as you move closer to those tantalizing rewards.


If you come across a challenge that you’re struggling with, you’ll have the option of rolling for a new one, which is assigned at random. Any class or ability that you have unlocked will be eligible for a related challenge; anything you haven’t unlocked won’t.


Here are a few examples of challenges you’ll see:

Deal 30000 damage with abilities

[Vanguard] Shield Block 4000 damage

[Sentinel] Deal 6000 Fall Damage

(Vampire Only) Achieve 4 takedowns in a single life, 4 times

(Human Only) Use 10 health stations/when below 50% HP


Every challenge you complete will reward you with Pips (or little blue boxes that fill up your reward bar). Once the reward bar is filled, players will receive one of three themed chests, no keys required! Each will be filled with anything from in-game currency to unique skins that you can’t get anywhere else.


You can expect to see these (and more) inside select chests:

Bulging Crate (Forge Materials)

Chest Key

Dead Man’s Mail (Skin)

Runestone Voucher (30% off)

Exalted Treasure of the Clans (Chest)


The Daily Challenges system will allow us to make new and engaging challenges as new modes, characters, and abilities are introduced to Nosgoth. We’re really excited about this latest addition to the game and what you think about it, too (so be sure to head to sound off)!


Nosgoth’s Daily Challenges will be released next week, along with the Beastmaster and the long-awaited Beta Season 4.0 rewards.

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