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Game Events


To help promote Nosgoth during its Closed Beta period, in 2014 the team took the game to numerous game events across the UK, Europe and the USA, some of these included:

PAX East - 11-13 April 2014

E3 - 10-12 June 2014

Dreamhack - 14-17 June 2014

San Diego Comic Con - 24-25 July 2014

Gamescom - 14-17 Aug 2014

Insomnia 52 - 22-25 Aug 2014

EGX - 25-28 Sep 2014


At these events the team hosted Live Streams, gave out Beta Key packs and merchandise such as T-shirts, lanyards and mouse mats to anyone who stopped by the Nosgoth booths and took time to play the game.


At some of these events the team hosted competitions and the winners received special merchandise such as high value Founders Packs, exclusive T-shirts and signed artwork.

PAX East


San Diego Comic Con (Whiskey Girl)


Insomnia 52


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