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Best Vampire Pals Comic


Created by Vamphira


After enjoying the world of Nosgoth, Vamphira decided to create a comic based on the game.


The original concept for the comic was to be a sad one, following the story of a Razielim, Turelim and a Dumahim that were outcasts from their clans, they all become allies, not for friendship but for survival.


After sharing the idea for the comic she received a good response from people who thought it was a great idea. She felt though it was a bit too dark and sad as the characters never seemed to be happy, they always seemed to be suffering, and she didn’t really enjoy drawing it.


One day though she decided to draw a silly artwork of her Razielim character and enjoyed creating it. She showed it to her boyfriend who very much loved the new style and suggested she should make more as there aren’t many fun LoK comics around.


So since then in her spare time Vamphira has continued to draw light-hearted Nosgoth fan artwork and thus the Best Vampire Pals comic was born…

Best Vampire Pals Comic

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