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Faction Details


Class Name: Hunter

Faction Full Name: Ironguard

Faction Founder/Leader: Unknown

Race: Human


Hunter – The Ironguard

Official Nosgoth website description


Vampire Hunters feel at home only in the midst of battle. They belong to the Ironguard, the last of an almost annihilated force and distant successors to the warrior class that have always lived, trained and fought for one thing – the eradication of every last Vampire from Nosgoth. Dedicated, ruthless and skilled, these warriors live for the hunt.

Role & Play Style


Battlefield Role
Close-to-medium range engagement
Imobilizing enemies for rapid takedown through volume of fire

Play stile
Crowd Control
Damage Dealer

Official Nosgoth Blog Article

Hunters – Sworn to Exterminate the Vampire Scourge


AUTHOR: George Kelion, Square Enix


From before their earliest recorded histories, groups of Human warriors have come together and taken up arms against their enduring enemies, Nosgoth’s race of Vampires. These ruthless men and women are known as Vampire Hunters, drawing their inspiration and their creed from the Sarafan Order, legendary warrior-priests who have long since passed into history but whose influence has taken on an almost mythic status.


When all of Nosgoth fell to the Vampire legions, the remnants of Humanity would comfort themselves by recounting legends of the Sarafan crusades. In this way, the memories of Nosgoth’s early history – a time when the Sarafan had won many victories, bringing suffering to many Vampires and decimating entire bloodlines – were passed from one generation to the next.


With Nosgoth undisputedly under Vampire control, the last of the Vampire Hunters were forced to flee Nosgoth’s heartlands, pushed to the edges of the world to avoid Kain’s vengeance. Calling themselves the Ironguard in memory of the massacres of the Iron Pass, they continued to train, sustaining their weapon-making skills and preparing for the day when they could bring the war back to their Vampire overlords.


When word reached their settlements that civil war had broken out between the Vampire Clans, the Hunters seized the chance to resume their forefathers’ mission. As Kain’s Lieutenants fought and squabbled, the Hunters began to reorganise, rearm and mount a rebellion. They were the first to take advantage of Kain's disappearance, successfully recapturing the mountain town of Valeholm. By the time the Watchers of Dark Eden had freed the first Human captives from the most vulnerable blood farms, the Vampire Hunters were ready to take charge of recruiting and training these former slaves into new warriors for the Human armies.


Once their strength and number had grown, the Hunters sent emissaries travelling from outpost to outpost and to the edges of the world; recruiting those they could while offering advice and training to others so that they could learn to defend themselves against future attack. Each new recruit swore loyalty to the Hunters’ cause, knowing that in doing so they became damned men, destined to die on a battlefield far from home.


Now, the only home the Hunters know is in the midst of battle; living and fighting for just one thing – the slaughter of every last Vampire in Nosgoth.

Hunter Quotes

Lines said by the Hunter class during matches.

Credit goes to Khalith for providing these quotes, originally posted on the official Nosgoth forum.



"Ironguard do your duty!"

"Let's fight!"

"For the Ironguard and Mankind!"

"Let's do this."

"I'm here for you leeches, I'm here for you all."

"Let's take this place back."

"I'm here for you, you bloodsucking bastards!"

"Come on then leeches!"



"I got another one!"

"Take that!"


"Come on!"

"Send them to hell!"

"Rot you  ** rot!"

"Got the bastard."



"And you call yourselves immortal?"

"That's it... let's give them extinction."

"I see you, you're dead!"


Enemy team hits 27

"We can turn this around!"

"They win we die!"

Hunter - Item, Skin & Weapon Descriptions

Hunter's Armor: Protective gear scavenged by the Ironguard from the battlefields across Nosgoth.
Armor of the Exile: Protective coverings for those sworn to die on distant battlefields.
Guardian's Brigandine: Armor favored by defenders of the Iron Pass.
Mercenary's Harness: Camouflage armor worn by the vampire hunting mercenaries.
Veteran's Armor: Armor forged in Valeholm and reserved for the elite of the Ironguard.
Dead Man's Mail: Damned men, destined to die on a battlefield far from home.
Exalted Iron Guard: Champions defending the future of Humanity from the Vampire scourge.
Bloody Survivor: He has fought a hundred of battles and survived, but his body has paid the price.
Bloody Victor: He has fought a hundred battles and emerged victorious, blood the seal of his victory.
Auric Iron Guard: The Matriarch of the Islands has shared her blessing with the warriors of humanity: the courage burning in their souls now shines in their eyes.
Elite Iron Guard: Take on their appearance of the finest warriors of the Iron Guard.

Repeater: An ingeniously designed crossbow that can fire in rapid succession without reloading.
Siege Bow: A powerful crossbow that deals more damage per shot, but fires more slowly than the standard issue model and has a reduced clip.
Multibow: A modified crossbow that fire in short, three-round bursts.
Bolt-thrower: A heavyweight crossbow that can fire twice as many bolts without reloading but deals less damage per shot.

Unique Weapons
Shadowbane: The Ironguard possesses powerful enchanted weaponry including this dark relic – a crossbow that draws strength from its wielder to destroy the undead with focused bursts of bolts.
Radiance: The light of the vanished sun and the valor of the Iron Guard's martyris together burn bright in this holy weapon.
Immortal Strike: Forged for heroic Hunters famous for targeting their enemies with a deadly rain of arrows.

Primary ability
Bola: Hurl a spinning bolas that wraps up vampires, disabling their attacks for a short time.
Poison Bola: A modified bola coated in a toxin that wounds vampires on contact.
Whip: Slash at your enemies with a whip, damaging and staggering those hit and pulling climbing vampires off the walls.

Secondary ability
Explosive Shot: Fires incendiary ammo that deals area damage on impact.
Blinding Shot: Fires special ammo that wounds and briefly blinds nearby vampires on impact.
Grenade: Hurl an explosive grenade that deals massive area damage.
Sticky grenade: Hurl an adhesive grenade that sticks to any surface it touches, including vampires.

Steady Aim: Increase accuracy by 20% and reduces recoil by 20% with crossbows.
Iron Will: Increase maximum health by 10% and reduces stun duration by 15%.
Fully Loaded: Increase clip size by 10% and maximum ammo capacity by 10% for crossbows.
Tactician: Increase the duration of Bola and Poison Bola by 1 second(s), and reduces the cooldown of your Whip by 20%.
Rapid Reload: Reduces the reload time of crossbows by 15% and health station activation time by 15%.
Demolitionist: Enhances your explosive abilities, increasing their damage by 10% and radius by 10%.

Throat Slit

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