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Tales of Nosgoth: Card Game

Created by RoxenBloodweaver


The Tales of Nosgoth Card Game was created in the wake of Nosgoth’s cancellation to give a way the game could live on in some form, on this page you’ll find some information about the card game, details of those involved, recommended printer details and a link to download the card game.




The card game is designed for two players, each side choosing a team, where they battle for supremacy of a chosen arena.

“Welcome to the world of Nosgoth…


The world was damned over a millennium ago by Lord Kain, who conquered the Land of Nosgoth and ruled with his six loyal Lieutenants, the creators of the six Clans. The vampire lords enslaved humanity and consider them nothing more than food, those humans who escaped this fate scattered to the furthest regions of the land.


After Kain cast his first born Lieutenant, Raziel, into the abyss; he abandoned his empire in search of a way to restore balance to Nosgoth. He left his empire in the hands of his remaining Lieutenants, the Clans driven by conflict and jealously began to fight amongst themselves.


The humans seized this opportunity with the vampire masters preoccupied with their internal affairs and regrouped. They relearned new skills and crafts and launched a devastating rebellion upon their vampire oppressors to reclaim Nosgoth for humanity.


 The vampires set aside their differences to face their common enemy and the battle for supremacy begins…”


Available Download


The card game and all the supporting documents can be downloaded free of charge from the Tales of Nosgoth GoogleDrive.

Special Thanks


The card game was created by Lucinvampire with the assistance of the following members of the community:

Captain3009 for being chief tester, QA and general assistant with everything related to the game.

Andrew Nosgothian AKA TurelimVampire of the Skyrim Nexus for creating the unofficial character designs and card images relating to the Rahabim class.


Baziel and all those in the Nosgoth Community for sharing images to our site which have been used on some of the ability cards throughout the game.


Printer Details


The card game can be printed through any custom card game printer. I used Making Playing Cards. For a full set of the cards in Poker size with printing front and back and recorded delivery postage to the UK from the US was a total of £62. The lead time for the cards to be printed was about three weeks. I can highly recommend this printer as they produced the cards to a high quality.


The rest of the source material was printed through JD Printing but this can be requested through any local printer or printed at home as all these files are standard sizes.

Computerised Adaptation


In time the hope is for there to be an electronic version of the card game either through an android app or for Windows, this is currently being researched.




All official content, original texts and images are copyright of Nosgoth’s creators: Square Enix and Psyonix. All ownership and rights belong these companies.


This is a fan game and as such is free to download and play, no money should be exchanged to use or obtain it.

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