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During Nosgoth Beta period series of chests were released which players would win at the end of a match or purchase via the store. These would require a key to be purchased to open them.


Each chest would contain a prize, depending on the chest status would depend on the level of prize you could win. Prizes ranged from standard weapons up to special weapons and skins.


In the later period where the Daily Reward system was changed, a new form of chest was released that did not require having to purchase a key to open; the player would receive the chest after completion of a challenge. In these players could win an array of items.

Chest available:

Silver War Chest

Gold War Chest

Exalted Treasure of the Kings

Exalted Treasure of the Clans

Treasure of the Kings

Treasure of the Queens

Treasure of the Clans

Treasure of the Lost

Treasure of the Dead

Large Forge Material Chest

Medium Forge Material Chest

Small Forge Matieral Chest

Event Chests:

Devils Treasure

Daily Challenge Chests:

Treasure of the Heros

Treasure of the Champions

Treasure of the Conquerors

Official Nosgoth Blog Article

Nosgoth State of Play: April 2015


An extract taken the Nosgoth State of Play Blog article from Apr 2015 which explains a little more about the Exotic Skins that were available from the Exalted Chests:


PUBLISHED ON: 2015-04-30

AUTHOR: Jeremy Dunham, Psyonix


May - Marked Exotic and Premium Skins, Plus Scout Prestige

Now that both the Hunter and Alchemist Prestige Skins are released, the Scout is the next Human on our list along with some future Premium Skins we'll go into detail about at a future date -- but those are not the only Skins we have planned.


Around that same time, we will also be introducing an all-new set of fantastic-looking "Marked" Exotic Skins that will not be available for purchase in the Store. Why do these Vampires look the way they do? Because, as many of our hardcore fans pieced together from reading our Crucible blog last March, their exposure to otherworldly power has left them branded in very peculiar ways. Check out the blog for additional hints.


Details regarding how to obtain the Marked Exotic Skins will be coming soon (hint: you'll find them in special chests), but in the meantime, we hope you enjoy this sneak peek at these Tyrant and Deceiver alts to come.

Official Nosgoth Blog Article

Nosgoth's New Chests - including Unique unlocks and Premium Skins!


PUBLISHED ON: 2015-05-14

AUTHOR: Cat Karskens, Square Enix


With today’s Nosgoth update we have introduced an exciting new feature that we teased recently... chests!


You’ll find two types of new chests within the game now. One type can drop (randomly) at the end of a match, as you’ll be used to with other drops such as the Mysterious Items. The other type can be purchased from the store.


The first type we'll go over here are the drop chests. At the end of a match, you'll have a chance of getting one of these, and they can be opened with a key you can purchase from the store for 400 Runestones. These chests are for Vampires (“Treasure of the Clans”) and for Humans (“Treasure of the Kings”), and contain a random item.

Treasure of the Kings (Human) chests can contain:


Boosters, Uncanny Weapons, Arcane Weapons, Mysterious Weapons, and our first series of Unique weapons.


Treasure of the Clans (Vampire) chests can contain:


Boosters, Uncanny Abilities, Arcane Abilities, Mysterious Abilities, and our first series of Unique abilities.


The other type of chests can only be purchased from the store for 1000 Runestones, don’t require a key to unlock, and also have a chance of containing one of our very special Exalted (Human) or Marked (Vampire) skins. These are the “Exalted Treasure of the Kings” (Human) and “Exalted Treasure of the Clans” (Vampire) chests.  The first Exalted Human skin available through these new chests is for the Alchemist, with more to follow over the coming weeks (keep an eye on our patches!). Marked Skins are included for all the current Vampire classes.


Exalted Treasure of the Kings (Human) chests can contain:


Arcane Weapons, Mysterious Weapons, Exotic Weapons, our first series of Unique weapons, and Exalted Human skins!


Exalted Treasure of the Clans (Vampire) chests can contain:

Arcane Abilities, Mysterious Abilities, Exotic Abilities, our first series of Unique abilities and Marked Vampire skins!


Shadowbane  (Hunter)

The Ironguard possesses powerful enchanted weaponry including this dark relic – a crossbow that draws strength from its wielder to destroy the undead with focused bursts of bolts.


Thorn of Eden (Scout)

The Watchers of Dark Eden have long prized this powerful bow, ornate yet weighty, for its unerring accuracy.


Cleansing Flame  (Alchemist)

Forged in the heart of the badlands, this sacred heavy cannon purges with Elustra’s inescapable, righteous flame.


Widow’s Kiss  (Prophet):

These thunderous flintlocks, a treasured relic of the Lost Seers said to have been forged by Roxen herself, embody the focused and ruthless nature of their creator.


Tidal Fury  (Shieldbearer):

The Drowning Men call upon the tides to empower them, attacking with furious speed in a spray of hurled projectiles.


Serpent's Strike (Reaver):

The Dumahim of the elite Serpent Legion imbibe toxic concoctions which boost their inhuman attack speeds to even more deadly extremes.


Thunderous Approach (Tyrant):

Masters of Clan Turelim enhance their combat abilities with latent telekinetic powers. Paired with eldritch relics, a charging Turelim can move shockingly fast.


Frozen Ascent (Sentinel):

The strongest of the winged Razielim expose themselves to the freezing cold of high altitudes to enhance their stamina, and bring those biting winds back down with them as they swoop on their prey.


Cover of Darkness (Deceiver):

Said to be able to infiltrate unseen the shadows of even   the most secure stronghold or secret chamber, members of Clan Zephonim assigned to the Imperial Guard were Kain’s most feared assassins.


Unholy Fervor (Summoner):

The Melchahim, crazed and powerful, will tear apart the very barrier between worlds in their pursuit of power and physical perfection. The flames of the Underworld now caress their immortal flesh.

Official Nosgoth Forum Post

Patch Notes – 15th October 2015 - League Improvements- New Weapons, Skins & Abilities

Extract from the Patch Notes post, which was posted on the official forum by Oghamsmith on 15 Oct 2015:

Treasure of the Lost Chests: New Skins & New Weapons Inbound! 

Rumour has it that a brace of never before seen chests are turning up around Nosgoth at random. Contained within is a veritable treasure trove of war waging gear. Whether you’re looking for new Human armour crafted from the finest materials or weapons and Vampire abilities, these Chests are said to have you covered.

Treasure of the Lost
Found on the field of combat, the Treasure of the Lost Chests can contain loot for both Human or Vampire-kind. These Chests contain a 7 Day Booster or drop one of the following: 

Treasures of the Lost weapons and special attacks including: 

Radiance, Thunder's Call, Righteous Fury, Lustrous Gaze and Gleaming Edge

Arcane & Mysterious Human weapons & Vampire special attacks

Uncanny Human weapons & Vampire special attacks

Exalted Treasure of the Lost
Only a small number of these have been found across the land, and they’ve quickly made their way via merchants to the store. The merchants brag that these chests only contain the best gear:

The New & Exclusive Auric Human Skins

Treasures of the Lost weapons and special attacks including: 

Radiance, Thunder's Call, Righteous Fury, Lustrous Gaze, Gleaming Edge

Arcane & Mysterious Human weapons & Vampire special attacks

Chest and Key related images
In game - chest images
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