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Clan Details

Class Name: Deceiver

Clan Name: Clan Zephonim

Clan Patriach: Zephon

Race: Vampire


Deceiver – Clan Zephonim

Official Nosgoth website description

Driven to the edge of sanity, the Deceivers are feared not only by the Human race but by their own kind as well. Their devious personalities have come to manifest themselves in accursed supernatural abilities enabling them to assault the enemies' minds directly, making them see and hear whatever a Deceiver finds most useful to sow fear and confusion among enemy ranks.

Role & Play Style

Battlefield Role

Stealth infiltration & assassination

Confusing & misleading the enemy


Play Style

Divide & Conquer

Crowd Control

Official Nosgoth Blog Article

The Deceiver of Clan Zephonim


AUTHOR: George Kelion, Square Enix


Physically less powerful than the offspring of other Lieutenants, the Zephonim make up for it through their mental abilities. The Deceivers have attempted to artificially shape and force their Vampiric evolution through self-torture, experimental alchemy and twisted breeding programs. Moreover, their devious personalities have come to manifest themselves in accursed abilities.


Cunning and trickery have always been the primary tools of these spies and assassins – where once they served their lord Zephon in his political machinations, the Zephonim now focus their attention on the Human enemy. Acts of sabotage, spying, psychological warfare and targeted killings are their preferred operations; when forced to appear alongside their siblings on the open battlefield, however, their supernatural ability to sow confusion and discord has come to be greatly feared.


A Deceiver is capable of assaulting his enemies' minds directly, making them succumb to whatever he finds most useful to sow fear and confusion amongst their ranks. These masters of deception can drive a Human mad with confusion by possessing their very eyesight, making them hear things, and often see things that are not there. Much of a Deceiver's value as a warrior is in his ability to divide a Human group and make them more vulnerable to Vampire attack.


It is not only Humans, however, who fear the Zephonim, but their own kind as well. The extremes they have gone to in their attempts to further themselves and master their own evolution have driven the Deceivers over the edge of sanity, and their precise motivations and agenda are no longer clear. They are not fully trusted by the other Clans – the remnants of the Razielim in particular have long suspected the Deceivers' dark influence at work behind the purge of the supposedly traitorous offspring of Raziel following his execution. Nevertheless, they are tolerated for now due to their usefulness in combat.


While the Deceivers are their most active agents on the battlefield, Clan Zephonim is also valuable in another way to the Vampire race. While every Clan has its own breeding farms of captive Humans buried in the heart of their own territory, the Zephonim have for centuries cultivated the art.


In centuries to come, Clan Zephonim will come to make use of their mental powers to re-affirm the sect of Vampire-worshipping Humans' waning faith, compelling them to serve their dark gods as devoutly as ever before. For now, the Deceivers' only goal is to bring Humanity to its knees.

Deceiver Quotes


Lines said by the Deceiver class during matches.

Credit goes to Khalith for providing these quotes, originally posted on the official Nosgoth forum.



"Can you see me? Can you trust your eyes?"

"Careful now slaves your dreams will kill you."

"Are you ready slaves!?"

"They will have their freedom... in death!"

"For Zephonim."

"We are the Zephonim, they shall learn."

"We shall bring them truth."

"We are the masters!"



"Send them to their ancestors!"

"Feed us!"

"Live as slaves die as animals."

"You were dead from birth."

"Now you see."

"You should have listened! Fool!"

"Death is the master of truth."

"Food is all you are!"

"You will never learn!"

"Another dead slave!"

"We speak for Lord Zephon!"



"You cannot fight fate!"


Team hits 27

"Zephon spoke true! Victory is our's!"



"You taste as good in the wild."

"Running didn't save you."

"Mmm... freerange human."

"We drink your fate."

"Fear and death I drink of you."

"You were bred to feed us!"








"Deceive the fools!"

Deceiver- Item, Skin & Weapon Descriptions


Deceiver's Armor: Armor of the vampires of clan Zephonim.

Robes of the Manipulator: Clothing favoured by master of mind control.

Infiltrator's Mantle: Concealing wraps for the Clan's stealth specialists.

Flayer's Harness: Witness the evolution of the flesh.

Imperial Guard Vestments: Armor forged for Zephonim recruits to Kain's personal guard.

Marked Zephonim: Exposure to otherworldly power has left this vampire branded in peculiar ways.

Ashen Torturer: A connoisseur of pain, his own and that of others equally.

Evolved Zephonim: Take on the appearance of a fully evolved vampire of Clan Zephonim.

Marked Evolved Zephonim: Not even fully evolved vampires are immune to the mark of the otherworldly power.


Special ability

Disguise: Fade into invisibility, then appear as a random enemy team member. Attacking or climbing will break the effect.

Dominate Mind: Focus on target human and take over their mind, damaging them and controlling their movement for a few seconds.


Unique special ability

Cover of Darkness: Said to be able to infiltrate unseen the shadows of even the most secure stronghold or secret chamber, members of Clan Zephonim assigned to the Imperial Guard were Kain’s most feared assassins. (Shadow VFX)

Mind Freeze: Cold fingers of dread insinuate themselves into the minds of Zephon's enemies. (Frost VFX)


Primary ability

Backstab: Manifest a blade of eldritch energy that deals increased damage when striking from behind

Infect: Wound and infect target with a damaging disease that spreads to nearby humans.


Secondary ability

Illusions: Manifest two copies of yourself to confuse enemies. Each illusion has 1/5 of your maximum health.

Shroud: Focus your energies to become invisible and damage all nearby humans for the duration of the effect.



Thrill of the Chase: Increases your movement speed by 5% and your climbing speed by 20%.

Zephon's Ruse: Reduces your ability cooldown by 10%.

Madness: Increases your melee attack speed by 5%.

Displacement: You take 50% reduced damage while Disguised or Dominating Mind, and extend the duration by 15%.

Split Personalities: Increase the duration of your Illusions by 20% and their health by 30%.

Virulent Strain: Increases the Infect transmission radius by 30%.



Frenzied Maul: Pierce your victim's vital organs with a hail of blows, then drink from the deepest wounds.

Psychotic Assault: Surrender to your inner madness brutalizing your fallen victim and feast on their blood.




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