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Official Class Videos

Links to Nosgoth's official Class related videos.

Alchemist - Official Alchemist Class Warfare video and Immolate ability preview

Beastmaster - Official Beastmaster Class Warfare video

Hunter - Official Hunter Class Warfare video and Occult Bolt-Thrower preview

Prophet - Official Prophet Class Warfare video

Scout - Official Scout Class Warfare video and Occult Stormbow preview

Vanguard - Official Vanguard Class Warfare video and Bulwark ability preview

Deceiver - Official Deceiver Class Warfare video and Deceiver Execution preview

Reaver - Official Reaver Class Warfare video and Reaver Evolved skin preview

Reaver - Official Reaver Execution preview and Occult Pounce ability preview

Sentinel - Official Sentinel Class Warfare video and Sentinel Evolved skin preview

Sentinel - Official Sentinel Execution preview

Summoner - Official Summoner Class Warfare video and Deathly Shield ability preview

Summoner - Official Occult Hell Strike ability preview

Tyrant - Official Tyrant Class Warfare video and Tyrant Evolved skin preview

Tyrant - Official Tyrant Execution preview and Occult Charge ability preview

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