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Levelling System


In Nosgoth there was a levelling system, a player would have a Global Level and a specific Class Level applied to their stats. These levels though did not technically relate to a players skill level but more a mix of how long they had played the game and their skill level. A skilled player could level up their stats and classes quicker than one who was less skilled.


Global Level


Players were rewarded at the end of each match with XP, depending how well the player had performed in the match and if the match was won or lost would depend on how much XP they would receive. A player would always receive some amount of XP points, even if the match didn’t go in their favour. The Global Level was capped at level 50.


At every five levels reached on the Global Level system a player would receive a Reward Bag and a Class Token. When the Reward Bag was opened it would issue the player a randomly selected item. The Class Token would allow the player to purchase any class; this was an alternative to using Runestones to purchase new classes.


Class Level


Players were also rewarded at the end of a match with XP for any class they had played in that specific match. The better the player performed the more XP they received, though a player would still be rewarded some XP even if the match didn’t go in their favour. This XP was applied separately to the Global XP. The Class Level was capped at Level 25.


When a player used a specific class and levelled it up on the Class Level system, at every five levels the player would receive a Class Reward Bag; when opened they would be rewarded with a randomly selected item such as an ability or weapon for that class.


When a player reached Level 25 with a specific class, they would also be rewarded with the relevant Elite Skin (Humans) or Evolved Skin (Vampires) for that class. This showed that they had fully levelled up their class; these skins though however could also be purchased via Runestones by any player at any time.

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