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Clan Details

Class Name: Reaver

Clan Name: Clan Dumahim

Clan Patriach: Dumah

Race: Vampire

Reaver – Clan Dumahim

Official Nosgoth website description

The Reavers of Clan Dumahim are dextrous and stealthy predators, whose only focus is the subjugation of Humankind. As trained and talented killers, Reavers are both calculated and poised. Swift, silent and smart, these Vampires are natural hunters who can out-think and out-run the opposition.

Role & Play Style

Battlefield Role

Ambush predator

Hit-and-run specialist

Solo takedowns


Play Style

Hit and Run

Damage Dealer

Official Nosgoth Blog Article

Reavers – Harsh Masters of Human Cattle


AUTHOR: George Kelion, Square Enix


Sired by their Lieutenant-patriarch Dumah, the Reavers are natural hunters. Swift, silent and smart, these vampires can out-think and out-run their designated prey. Not just experts in combat, the Clan territory of the Dumahim is also home to the so-called eternal forges, where their blacksmiths specialise in crafting the finest armour in Nosgoth.


Where the Tyrants of the Turelim are considered to be the shock troops of the Vampire legions, Reavers are seen by the Clans as the professional soldier class, sharing their skills and tactics with one another. Many a Human warrior has fallen foul of the razor-sharp talons of a Reaver ambush, with only their eviscerated entrails left to tell the tale.


Like their Turelim brothers, the Dumahim train by releasing Humans into underground mazes before hunting them down. Reavers, however, are not as shackled by notions of honour or glory as their brethren and have developed more of a reputation for playing with their food, at times prolonging the hunt to heighten their victim’s fear and sweeten their blood.


Their eagerness for well-executed slaughter should not be mistaken for exuberance, however. Keenly aware of the aura of fear they strike in their enemies, the Dumahim remain calculating, poised and entirely focused on one thing – the subjugation of the unruly nuisance that is Humankind. This Clan, perhaps more vehemently than all others, want Humans back in their place as slaves, food and playthings for their betters. Their kills are performed with zeal only to break the Human spirit, so that Vampires can rule all of Nosgoth unchallenged once more.


Like their patriarch, the Dumahim are confident to the point of arrogance. They treat Clan Turelim’s claim to being the premier warriors of the Vampire race with amused contempt, but are quite happy for their brothers to be first into the fray and risk suffering the heaviest casualties. Reavers view Tyrants as blunt instruments only capable of heavy-handed carnage, instead favouring attacks of a more precise and dextrous nature. While perfectly capable of overwhelming most opponents in a stand-up fight, Reavers are known to excel at ambushes and hit-and-run raids.


For Dumah himself, this arrogance is a thin veneer masking naked ambition. Following Kain’s disappearance, Dumah’s resolute unwillingness to accept Turel’s claims to the throne of Nosgoth came as little surprise to the Council of the Clans. However, they hadn’t reckoned just how far Dumah would go to secure ultimate power for him and his progeny.


Reaver Quotes


Lines said by the Reaver class during matches.

Credit goes to Khalith for providing these quotes, originally posted on the official Nosgoth forum.


"The hunt begins."

"Prey is out there."

"The hunt continues."

"Every last one of you is a corpse."

"They must die."

"There are rebels in this town, I will hunt them down."



"One less rebel."

"You should have stayed at home!"

"You should have stayed a slave."

"Die slave!"

"I give you death."

"Die! And all you know will follow!"

"Too slow."

"You're mine."

"Your blood is mine!"

"Too bad that was almost sport."

"How does your rebellion sound now?"

"Meet death."



"The hunt will take you all!"

"The hunt brings me prey!"

"Your weapons are no match for my skill!"

"Master of the hunt!"


Team hits 27

"In Kain's name we will triumph!"


Enemy team hits 27

"Are you vampires or slaves!?"

"Find your prey!"



"You feed our victory."

"That gave me strength."

"You give me strength."

"Blood for the fight!"

"Taste victory!"

"My reward."

"You should have feared more."

"You should have been more afraid!"


Reaver- Item, Skin & Weapon Descriptions



Reaver's Armour: Protective gear from the eternal forges of the Dumahim.

Raider's Hauberk: Light and flexible chainmail for raiding along the front lines.

Nightstalker's Mail: Ornate armour favoured by Reaver elites.

Dumahim Platemail: Centuries-old armour in the traditional style of Clan Dumahim.

Imperial Guard Regalia: Armor forged for Dumahim recruits to Kain's personal guard.

Founder's Reaver Amor: Dumahim armour forged specially for the Founders of Nosgoth.

Marked Dumahim: Exposure to otherworldly power has left this vampire branded in peculiar ways.

Evolved Dumahim: Take on the appearance of a fully evolved vampire of Clan Dumahim.

Marked Evolved Dumahim: Not even fully evolved vampires are immune to the mark of the otherworldly power.


Special ability

Pounce: Powerful soaring attack that incapacitates humans on impact.

Savage Pounce: A vicious version of the Pounce attack that deals more damage, but has no aim assist.

Sweeping Kick: Perform a powerful roundhouse kick that staggers enemies.

Leap Attack: A modified Pounce that can move at full speed on all fours and leap instantly, does not incapacitate humans on impact.


Unique Special ability

Serpent's Strike: The Dumahim of the elite Serpent Legion imbibe toxic concoctions which boost their inhuman attack speeds to even more deadly extremes. (Toxic VFX)

Strength of Shadows: Imbued with dark strength, the elite Shadow Legion of the Dumahim are patient until the time comes to strike with savage ferocity. (Shadow VFX)


Primary ability

Shadow Bomb: Throw to shroud an area in a dark fog human can't see through.

Choking Haze: Throw to blanket an area in toxic mist.


Secondary ability

Evasion: Automatically dodge all incoming projectiles. You cannot attack while this is active.

Shadow Step: Dissolve into shadows and fly towards your target at rapid speed. You are immune from damage for the duration of this ability.

Haste: Powerful soaring attack that incapacitates humans on impact.



Dumah's Cunning: Reduces your ability cooldown by 10%.

Nightstalker: Increases your movement speed by 5% and your climbing speed by 20%.

Frenzy: Increases your melee attack speed by 5%.

Adrenaline: Successful melee attacks reduces the cooldown of your Special Attacks by 1 sec.

Berserker: Killing an enemy increases your movement speed by 20% and attack speed by 10% for 5 seconds.

Agility: Increases the launch speed of your Pounce, Savage Pounce, and Leap Attack abilities by 10% and their impact damage by 5%.



Throat Rip: Tear out the throat of your victim and feed on their lifeblood.

Disembowel: Finish your victim by disembowelling them and feasting.




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