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Nosgoth Tournament

Created by: RoxenBloodweaver

Project Status: Cancelled



This was a project being worked on by RoxenBloodweaver from 2018-2020, it was a fan mod created using Blender, Ureal Development Kit (UDK) and its assets, taking inspiration from the cancelled computer game Nosgoth by Square Enix/Psyonix.


The aim of the project was to give the Nosogth loving community something to play based on their beloved game. It was never meant to be a Nosgoth clone, just something based on the game, using Nosgoth as the world setting and the classes.


This was what was planned to become Nosgoth Tournament:

-8 playable arenas in Unreal Tournament 3.
-Custom voice for the characters.
-Custom music composed based on LoK and Nosgoth.
-12 characters based on Nosgoth.



At first it mod was started in Unreal Development Kit and eight maps were created, four were re-created using Nosgoth maps as reference, which were: Provance, Sommerdamm, The Crucible and Valeholm. Then four additional fan inspired maps were created, these were: Alchemists Outpost, Ash Village, The Cemetery, The Necropolis. The final four maps needed some more assets added, to fill them out. Please also note these were placeholder names.


All these maps are fully payable, but they use the character and weapon assets from UT3.

A playtest of the re-created Valeholm map is available for viewing below:



The 12 character classes were created, based on the Nosgoth characters, so there would be six humans and six vampires. The humans would have been as per Nosgoth: Alchemist, Beastmaster, Hunter, Prophet, Scout and Vanguard. The vampires would have been as per the characters in Nosgoth: Deceiver, Reaver, Sentinel, Summoner, Tyrant, and with the final class of Siren being added. Their design was inspired by Nosgoth and Legacy of Kain, and new clothing/armour was creating drawing from what was released in Nosgoth.


The characters were created using Blender. The high poly versions were all created, with the low poly version of Alchemist then being completed, but this model needed repainting, so please ignore the painting if you view this model as it was not completed.


Once the low poly versions of the characters were created then these would have needed to be rigged. Sadly Blender has never been able to open the UT3 rigs and this would have had to be done in a different program, because of this it was found that the alignment of the characters did not match the rigs. This could have been overcome with some adjustments, if screenshots of the rigs were available.


Sadly though the programs that are required for the rigging of the characters cost quite a bit of money, along with all the work that would be required to make the characters fit the rigs and making the low polys, it was decided to cease work on the project.

Voice Talent


There were some members from the Nosgoth community and friends of Lucinvampire that stepped up to voice the characters for the mod. Lines were written inspired by the ones which were featured in Nosgoth. Due to the COVID-19 lockdown sadly the final two characters of Alchemist and Prophet were not recorded, there was a plan for the Tyrant to be voice by another one of the actors to make him sound a lot better as well.


The voice recordings are all available for download, so you can have a listen to them.




There were four custom music tracks created by Andrew Nosgothian to make the world more Nosgothic rather than having the music from UT3, which wouldn’t suit the environment or feel of the project. These were based on tracks featured in Nosgoth and the Legacy of Kain games.


Again these tracks are available for you to download and listen to.



The aim was to also have custom weapons in the game, again inspired by the ones that were featured in Nosgoth, these were going to be re-skins of the UT3 weapons, to make them fit the game style more.




All the files relating the mod, such as the maps, characters models, music and voice talents are available for download from the Tales of Nosgoth Google Drive.


The custom maps are playable in UT3 using the instructions provided, and the character models are viewable using Blender.

Closing Statement


As mentioned the project kind of hit a massive hurdle where the characters were unable to be rigged in Blender and there were some issues with the assets being transferred to another program. Because of this, and along with the time it would take to get the characters adjusted to match the rigs, to create the low poly ones, and to make the weapons it would be a lot more work, probably over another year or so. So sadly because of this work on the project has now ceased.


There was no previous knowledge of mod or game making as well, so the whole thing was a massive learning curve. All that was created was done by learning through YouTube videos, without these resources it would never have got this far.


A big thank you goes out to everyone who has contributed and shown support throughout this journey, and I am very sorry that it could never come to be.

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