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Game Modes and Lobby Options


The following information relates to the game modes and the different game settings and lobby options that were available for play in Nosgoth, this information was taken from the Nosgoth Giant Bomb page (article written by Lucinvampire).


Game Modes


Matches always consisted of two rounds and each match took place at a randomly selected map. The rounds alternated between vampires and humans, the team would play as one class in the first round and then the other in the second round.


There are three game modes available throughout Nosgoth’s lifecycle, in these game modes players could join either solo or team up with friends and join as a party:


Team Deathmatch

Two teams of 4 players would fight to beat the opposition by making as many kills as possible in the allotted time or to reach the kill limit. The overall winning team was calculated from the two end of round scores. The team with the highest total kill score wins the match.


There was a trial of this game mode running as 5v5 during Nosgoth Open Beta period.



During this 4v4 mode the Humans had to capture as many locations across the map as possible, each point captured added time to the clock. Humans could capture up to six locations. The Vampires had to stop the humans achieving their objective. Points are rewarded for the amounts of captures/non-captures.


This mode was previously known as Siege during the Alpha period; the mode was re-designed and renamed in Beta.


Capture the Body

A 4v4 mode where the vampires aim would be to purify as many corpses as possible by moving the infected corpse from the spawn location to the shrine. Humans had to try to prevent the captures. The mode consisted of two rounds, each round lasting 10 minutes but sometimes the match would go into extra time if the Vampire team could obtain another capture and win the match. The winning team was the one with the highest total of captures at the end of the rounds.


This modes working title was Drag the Body.


Types of Play


There were two options to play the Team Death Match Mode, either on Ranked or Unranked.



This is the standard public queue and play mode where players battle against each other; the results of these matches did not affect a players League status.


Ranked (Leagues)

In the ranked queue the results of match and how well a player’s team performed would affect how many League points would be rewarded at the end of the match. League points added or subtracted depending on the team’s performance and would affect a player’s placement in the Nosgoth League table.


There were different League Series', at the end of the League Series players would be rewarded with skins, chests, prizes and if applicable money depending on their final Rank level.


Lobby Types


There are two lobby types available for selection:


Public (Online Match)

This allowed players to play one of the game modes with/against any users online, this option used the standard settings for the game modes such as pre-set time limits, player quantities and kills scores.



These matches allowed players to play create a private server where they could chose opponents by issuing the codes or inviting friends. In this option the Admin of the server could choose between the game mode, select player numbers, and adjust time limits and kill quantities.


Private Lobbies did not count to towards Ranked matches or the unlocking of Steam Achievements.

Capture the Body - Official released images and concept art
Capture the Body - Player screenshots
Capture The Body - Marker/Altar images
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Flashpoint - Marker images
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Private match set-up screenshots
Match options screenshots
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