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Nosgoth D&D 5E

Created by: Justin Blasdel (Discord: ElegantPerception)



Nosgoth.  A land of darkness.  A land of brutality.  A land of power.  And a land ready to be conquered.  Vampires have long ruled under the control of their great leader Kain, but he has vanished and is no longer pulling the strings.  His lieutenants, confident in their right to rule, have squandered their resources and allowed the humans to rise up against them.  What were once slaves are now hopeful warriors, and a final war rages between the cruel vampires and the vengeful humans.  Who shall win and be victorious?  Well, that depends on all on you, doesn’t it?


Nosgoth is a supplemental book to the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition series.  It provides Race stats to play either a human or a vampire, and it includes adjusted Classes for this world of desperation.  While the vampires’ bodies mutate into perfect killing machines, the humans wield new and impressive weapons called firearms and explosives.  This book also includes a detailed history of Nosgoth, the vampire clans, and the human sects to help newcomers learn of this morbid world.


There are also descriptions of the cities and important landmarks, as well as other denizens of the land whom do not wish to be seen.  Nosgoth is an ancient land, and there are forces long forgotten who patiently wait in the darkness.  These beings as well as the vampiric and human armies are given Stats as NPCs to aid Dungeon Masters in building campaigns.  This is an age of uncertainty in a land of uncertainty and death.  May you be the one who conquers it and decides it’s fate.

Download the full Nosgoth D&D 5E Sourcebook and the accompanying character designs from the Tales of Nosgoth GoogleDrive by clicking the image below....


Nosgoth D&D 5E Game Session (2021)


“This is a recording for a One Shot Dungeons and Dragons session. The game is based on my Nosgoth crossover book, which is for free download. The game was held at the OzarKon in Mountain Home, Arkansas. It was originally designed for up to 6 members, but I allowed a total of 8. I was the DM, and I had a lot of fun. There was a good mixture of new and experienced players, and they all brought something new to the table. My only wish is that I had more time to do a longer game.”

-Justin Blasdel

The MP3 audio file of this game session can be downloaded from the Tales of Nosgoth GoogleDrive.


Image gallery of the characters to accompany the Nosgoth D&D 5E sourcebook, based on the characters created for Nosgoth.


Dungeons & Dragons and all its contents, including the official text, game content and game concept shared on this book are copyright of Wizards of the Coast.

All Nosgoth and Legacy of Kain contents, including the official concept art, screenshots, text, game content, and game concept shared in this book are copyright of Square Enix and Psyonix.

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