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Steam Achievements


Once Nosgoth was visible on Steam, during its beta period, various achievements were released for players to unlock. There were 80 achievements in total, 61 visible achievements and 19 hidden achievements which once unlocked would display on the players Steam profile.


There were several achievements available for each of class; some would require a specific action to unlock and others would tally up over time to unlock.

Nosgoth Achievements (both classes)

Your Right Hand – Earn 100 Assists

Lethality – Get at least 10 Kills in a single match

Carnage – Get a Triple Kill

Death For The Dead – Get 20 Kills while dead

Natural Born Killer – Kill 1000 enemies

Massacre – Get a Quad Kill

Vae Victis! – Win 100 matches

Human Achievements

Expel the Irritant – knock a pounced Reaver off your teammate

Just Don’t Let Me Die As Food – Kill a vampire that is executing one of your teammates

Hoarder – Use 100 Supply Stations

Bruiser – Kill 10 Vampires with Melee

Alchemist Achievements

Blinded by the Light – Blind 50 enemies with the Alchemist’s Sunlight Vial ability

Centurial Alchemist – Kill 100 enemies as an Alchemist

Only Scorched Remains – Light 300 Vampires on fire with the Flamethrower or Fire Wall abilities

It’s Getting Misty In Here – Using Alchemist Healing Mist, heal your teammates for 50,000 health

Beastmaster Achievements

Targeted Bombardment – Damage four different vampires with a single Beastmaster Wrath of the Firebird ability

You’re Locked In Here With Me – Damage 250 vampires with all the pellets in a Beastmaster shotgun shot

Am I Distracting You? – Interrupt 50 vampires with the Beastmaster’s Swoop ability while they’re attacking or casting an ability

Mother Nature Is Pissed – Kill two vampires with a single Nature’s Fury ability

Centurial Beastmaster – Kill 100 enemies as the Beastmaster

PewPewPew – Buff 100 allies with the Beastmaster’s Leyline ability

Hunter Achievements

Bola Away! – Disable 25 vampires with the Hunter Bola or Poison Bola abilities

Centurial Hunter – Kill 100 enemies as a Hunter

Master Blaster – Kill 50 Vampires using the Hunter’s Explosive Shot ability

No Fly Zone – Use the Hunter’s Bola ability to disable 10 flying Sentinels or pouncing Reavers

Prophet Achievements

Blood Bath – Steal 10,000 Health from enemies with the Prophet’s Life Leech or Draining Curse abilities

Negated – Hex or disable 50 vampires with the Prophet’s Hex Shot or Disabling Curse abilities

Centurial Prophet – Kill 100 enemies as a Prophet

Guardian Angel – Save 3 different teammates from fatal damage in a single life using the Prophet’s Eldritch Guard ability

You Deplete Me – Heal teammates for 50,000 health using the Prophet’s Sacrifice ability

Scout Achievements

Fight in the Shade – Damage four different vampires with a single Scout Volley ability

Centurial Scout – Kill 100 enemies as a Scout

Trap Master – Lure enemies into triggering 3 different Scout Traps in a single life

Sniper – Kill 50 enemies with fully drawn Scout bow shots

Vanguard Achievements

Centurial Vanguard – Kill 100 enemies as the Vanguard

Together We Stand – Buff 500 allies with the Vanguard’s Rousing Cry ability

The Best Defense – Stagger or knockdown 250 enemies with the Vanguard’s Shield Bash or Shield Charge abilities

Weather the Storm – Block 500 attacks using the Vanguard’s shield

Vampire Achievements

Not So fast – Kill a human who is using a Supply Station

The Blood Is The Life – Execute 250 humans

Heavy Handed – Kill 50 enemies with fully charged melee attacks

Immortal Flesh – Take 10,000 damage as a vampire without dying

Deceiver Achievements

Betrayer – Kill a human with the Deceiver’s Backstab ability while Disguise is active

Centurial Deceiver – Kill 100 enemies as a Deceiver

What Trickery Is This? – Kill 25 humans as a Deceiver while your Illusions are active

Blindside – Kill 50 humans from behind with the Deceiver’s Backstab ability

Reaver Achievements

Centurial Reaver – Kill 100 enemies as a Reaver

There Is No Spoon – Dodge 500 attacks with the Reaver Evasion ability

Natural Leaper – Kill 50 enemies with the Reaver’s Pounce, Savage Pounce, or Lead Attack abilities

Fast Food – Kill two humans in the span of one Reaver Haste ability

Sentinel Achievements

Taken – Successfully Kidnap 50 humans

Wind Beneath Your Wings – Make a human fall to their death with the Wing Flap ability

Centurial Sentinel – Kill 100 enemies as the Sentinel

Acupuncture – Kill2 humans with a single Puncture

Summoner Achievements

Centurial Summoner – Kill 100 enemies as the Summoner

Hellbent – Kill 2 humans with a single Summoner Hell Strike ability

Melchiah Protects – Absorb 50,000 damage with the Summoner Abyssal Barrier ability

Tyrant Achievements

Unstoppable Force – Damage four different humans with a single Tyrant Charge or Marathon

Centurial Tyrant – Kill 100 enemies as a Tyrant

Just a Flesh Wound – Absorb 50,000 damage with the Tyrant’s Ignore Pain ability

Earthshaker – Stagger or knockdown 250 enemies with the Tyrant’s Ground Slam or Shockwave abilities

Human Hidden Achievements

To Catch a Predator – Kill a Sentinel who has Kidnapped a teammate (This achievement can be achieved with any human class)

Alchemist Hidden Achievements

Blood Rain – Kill an airborne enemy with an Alchemist cannon

A Shot in the Dark – Kill an enemy you can’t see with an Alchemist cannon

Hunter Hidden Achievements

Tactical Strike – Kill two vampires with a single Hunter Grenade or Sticky Grenade

Get Over Here! – Kill a wall climbing vampire with the Hunter’s Whip ability

Prophet Hidden Achievements

Just What I Needed – Kill a vampire with the Prophet’s Life Leech ability while you are blow 100 health

Scout Hidden Achievements

Time To Die – Kill an enemy with the Scout’s Mark Target ability

Grounded – Using the Scout’s War Bow, knock a Tyrant using the Jump Attack ability out of the air

Vanguard Hidden Achievements

Judgement Day – Kill two vampires with a single Vanguard Judgement ability

Vampire Hidden Achievements

If It Bleeds… – Kill 10 Camouflaged Scouts (This achievement can be achieved with any vampire class)

Deceiver Hidden Achievements

Death Wish – While your Deceiver Dominate Mind ability is active on an enemy, force them to die from their own area-of-effect damage

Outbreak – Disease four different humans with a single Deceiver Infect strike

Reaver Hidden Achievements

Toxic – Kill 2 enemies using a single Reaver Choking Haze ability

Interception – Snatch a Sentinel’s Kidnap victim from the air using the Reaver’s Pounce or Savage Pounce ability

Sentinel Hidden Achievements

Death From Above – Damage four different humans with a single Sentinel’s Air Strike ability

Terminal Velocity – Kill an enemy with a Sentinel Dive Bomb that lasts 2 seconds or more (the description for this achievement might be misleading. You might need up to 4 seconds for it to unlock)

Summoner Hidden Achievements

Abyss Walker – Damage four different humans with a single Summoner Abyssal Bolt ability

Tyrant Hidden Achievements

Mancake – Kill two humans with a single Tyrant Jump Attack ability

Going, Going, Gone – Using the Tyrant’s Throw ability, make a human fall over 1 second and die on impact

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