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Nosgoth: Legacy of Kain Audio Dramas


Created by Count Eyokir

The Nosgoth audio dramas are the brainchild of Count Eyokir, written and produced by him with the enlistment of fans to voice the characters.


The series was created to give more depth to the world of Nosgoth and the established classes and lore created by Square Enix.


At Dumah’s Throne


A two-part story that follows Eskandor, a Sentinel of Clan Razielim, who is faced with difficult choices following his patriarch being cast into the abyss.

Forbidden Fruit


A continuation on from At Dumah’s Throne. This story follows Liese an Alchemist of the Red Sisters of Anacrothe as she tries to unite the human factions to defeat their common enemy.

Nosgoth Drama


Created by Count Eyokir and Vamphira


Count Eyokir is now collaborating with Vamphira to create a new series of dramas which is focusing on expanding the story of the team of vampiric outcasts.


Here’s a taster of what is on the horizon…

Deceiver: The Cruelty of Justice


A continuation on from the aftermath of Forbidden Fruit, this part of the series focuses on the vampire’s perspective – under the guise of the Deceivers...

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