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About RoxenBloodweaver (previously known as Lucinvampire)


RoxenBloodweaver has been a fan of the Legacy of Kain series since first playing Blood Omen in 1997 and has been completely hooked ever since; it is only since about 2004 she really began to contribute to the Nosgothian community, before then she just lurked.


She was very sceptical when Nosgoth was first announced but was invited to attend both the Nosgoth Community Days, and after playing the game for the first time in September 2013 it grew on her.


When Nosgoth released its own official forum, RoxenBloodweaver joined the team of moderators and spent many hours reading and communicating with other fans of the series and her passion for the game grew and grew until it became her life. She was never any good at the game but spent most her waking hours focused on Nosgoth, either on the forums, creating signatures, blogging, creating cosplay and cartoons and of course playing the game.


When the cancellation of Nosgoth was announced it was a big blow to the Nosgoth community and she truly felt much like Raziel having his wings removed and being cast into the abyss. Instead though of letting the world fade away she decided to set up the Tales of Nosgoth project in collaboration with Varulven and the Nosgoth community.


…and thus the Tales of Nosgoth Facebook Group, website and forums were born…and the legacy of Nosgoth lives on - thanks to all of you, the true heroes of Nosgoth!


Links to RoxenBloodweaver's stuff:

Bloodweaver's Lair - Blog

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