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About RDlady 

RDlady (Raquel Dias) has been a fan of the Legacy of Kain series since her first contact with Soul Reaver as a playable demo in Akuji: the Heartless in 1999.  She played and replayed all the Legacy of Kain games over the next decade.


After so many years she was glad to hear something about Legacy of Kain when Nosgoth was announced. She joined Nosgoth in the closed alpha season. At first she criticised Nosgoth for not having a single player mode or story mode, and specially by the way that the Sentinel didn’t even resemble the expected image of her favourite vampire clan. But she got hooked in the asymmetric gameplay mechanics and in the gothic/vampiric theme of Nosgoth.


She is a bioinformatician in real life, but her main hobbies involve 3D animation, 3D printing, and 3D model extraction. When Nosgoth cancellation was announced, she started her project on extracting all 3D models and textures from the game as an attempt to preserve Nosgoth’s content for the fan community’s sake and for maybe helping to bring some remakes or fan games to life in the future. Another of her projects involves 3D printing figures of all the characters in Nosgoth. More than one year after Nosgoth was cancelled, her projects are still far from complete but they had a lot of progress: now she is able to extract not only models and textures, but also all the 3D animations for attacks and special abilities from all characters in Nosgoth, and she was able to 3D print the Sentinel figure and Raziel’s statue from The Fane map.

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