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About Varulven


Varulven is a very active and well known member of the Nosgoth Community, she began her in-game journey during Nosgoth’s alpha testing phase and has been a very productive member of the official forum.


In 2014 she decided to create a website to give members of the German Nosgoth community the chance to enjoy the world in their own native tongue. She translated the Nosgoth Lore Blogs into German and created the website which held all manner of Nosgoth treats and had its own unofficial Nosgoth forum.


Known in game as Deceiver Lover, I bet you can’t guess what her favourite class is? Yes, you guessed it, the lovely little spider creatures. Her passion for the Zephonim runs deep and over the years she has produced various outstanding artworks of Nosgoth characters, mainly focusing on members of Clan Zephonim, which she has shared on her Deviantart page.


When the announcement of the cancellation of Nosgoth happened Varulven was absolutely devastated and still feels heartbroken over the loss of the world of Nosgoth. In some private conversations with Lucinvampire as the pair tried to comfort each other through the difficult time, they deviously set their eyes on a new goal.


Lucinvampire shared her thoughts about creating a website with all of the Nosgoth information and lore on it so it wouldn’t disappear with the official Nosgoth channels being shut down. Varulven agreed this was a great idea and eagerly offered the Tales of Nosgoth name and logo for the website, and thus the project began…


Varulven then set her eyes on a shiny new project in collaboration with the new website, and this was to create a new and improved Tales of Nosgoth Forum. She created this new haven for both English and German gamers and now spends her time, managing and hosting forum, which has given the Nosgoth community a whole new world to delve into!


Varulven will never give up her passion for Nosgoth and is currently continuing to work on Nosgoth artwork! She is also working on her own new art project entitled Forbidden Fruit: My Beautiful Enemy which is an adult comic based on characters from the Nosgoth universe…so there’s lots of juicy things to come!

If you would like to see more of Varulven's work or know more about her original characters check out her Tumblr.

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